bullet John William WORVILLE was born in Feb 1859. He was baptised on 17 Jul 1859 in Chipping Norton. Parents: Thomas WORVILLE and Eliza BOND.

bullet Maria WORVILLE was born in 1815. She was baptised on 19 Feb 1815 in Oxford Hollywell St Cross. She died in 1816. She was buried on 22 Feb 1816 in Oxford Hollywell St Cross. Parents: William WORVILLE and Sarah GILES.

bullet Martha WORVILLE was born in 1784. She was baptised on 15 Jul 1784 in Eastleach Turville, Gloucestershire. Parents: Thomas WORVILL and Ellinor.

bullet Rhoda Ann WORVILLE was born in 1853. She was baptised on 4 Oct 1853 in Chipping Norton. Parents: Thomas WORVILLE and Eliza BOND.

She was married to George HARRISON on 4 Dec 1875 in Chipping Norton.

bullet Richard WORVILLE was born on 9 Jan 1747. He was baptised on 10 Jan 1747 in Launton. Parents: John WORVILLE and Mary.

bullet Sarah WORVILLE was born on 25 May 1856 in Over Norton. She was baptised on 12 Apr 1857 in Chipping Norton. Parents: Thomas WORVILLE and Eliza BOND.

bullet Stephen WORVILLE was born in 1730/31. He was baptised on 23 Jan 1730/31 in Banbury. Parents: Thomas WORVILL and Elizabeth SMEDLEY.

bullet Thomas WORVILLE died in 1729. He was buried on 1 Jan 1729 in Evenlode.

He was married to Anne MORRIS on 16 Feb 1701 in Evenlode. Children were: Sarah WORVILL, Thomas WORVIL, Elizabeth WORVIL, John WORVILL, William WORVIL, Richard WORVILL.

bullet Thomas WORVILLE was born in 1820. He was baptised on 28 May 1820 in Chipping Norton. Parents: Thomas WORVIL and Hannah PLUMB.

He was married to Eliza BOND on 17 Nov 1842 in Chipping Norton. Children were: Emma E WORVALL, Henry WORVILL, Harriett WORVILLE, Rhoda Ann WORVILLE, Sarah WORVILLE, John William WORVILLE, Jane Elizabeth WORVALL.

bullet William WORVILLE

He was married to Sarah GILES on 20 Oct 1807 in Islip. Children were: Maria WORVILLE , Ann WORVILLE, John WORVILLE , Charles WORVILLE, Giles WORVILLE.

bullet William James WORVILLE was born in 1878. He was baptised on 2 Jun 1878 in Westcote Barton. Parents: George Henry WORVILLE and Alice NEWETT.

bullet William Wendor WORVILLE was born in Dec 1814. Is this Sarah Worfield the mother of William Wendor? Parents: Sarah WORFIELD.

bullet Richard WORWILD was baptised on 30 Nov 1680 in North Aston, Oxfordshire. He was born in 1682. Parents: Richard WORFERD and Ann BROCK.

bullet John WYATT was born in 1857. He was baptised on 6 Dec 1857 in Sandford St Martin.

He was married to Eunice WORVILL on 11 Nov 1878 in Westcote Barton.

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