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Welcome to the new revamped Atterbury One Name Study Website.  Hopefully you will find it a little easier to naviagate.  If you would still like to access the old database click here.

This one name study relates to the name Atterbury and variants within the United Kingdom, at the present time research overseas is outside the means of this study.

Atterbury itself appears to originally be associated with Northamptonshire and surrounding counties in the English Midlands.  The earliest references are mainly in this area, particularly around Great and Little Houghton in Northamponshire.  One of the best known Atterburys, Francis the Bishop of Rochester is descended from one of the familes from these parishes.  Unfortunately the lack of available early written records pre-1530s makes it difficult to link up two Atterbury families in these parishes but it is likely that they are related.

If you have any comments on the data contained in this website or can add to or refute the linked families, please contact me by emailing info@atterbury.org.uk or sign my guestbook below.

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